Keep your head up.

We were just kids who wanted to wrestle. It’s hard to believe where we all are today. It seems like a different world.

As we progress through our journey in martial arts, we face many obstacles such as learning curves, harder techniques, and tougher opponents.

The young men in this picture faced obstacles over the last 9-10 years that were harder than anything experienced on the mat.

Marriage. Divorce. Kids. College. Career change. Surgery. My friend Roy to my left on the end in the black gi? He battled ALS and never lost his faith in God or Jiu-Jitsu. He passed away almost a year ago.

The young men in this photo are champions all. Not because of medals or awards. In life, it’s about keeping our head up even if our hand isn’t being raised.

What are you struggling with and how can training help you overcome it?

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