Guns Don’t Keep You Safe – Reblog

This is a great article about the fallacy of guns (or any weapon) being a magical tool of safety. Training and no weapon is better (and safer) than a weapon and no training.

Aaron Jannetti

How many of you just got real pissed at that title? Hahahahahaha I love the internet.

Seriously though…they don’t. 

At some point in time we decided that getting a gun created safety. The problem is that there was a HUGE piece of information missing from this thought.

The simple fact that the tool itself doesn’t make you safe, it’s in fact the ability of the user to apply that tool that creates potential for safety. Unfortunately, in most cases, that is not a realization that is widely taken on in the general population.

Can an untrained person defend themselves with a firearm? Certainly. It has happened before and will happen again.

Does that mean, it’s ok to own a firearm with the intent of defending yourself and not train? In my opinion, absolutely not.

Just like cases of people defending themselves with no previous training, there are many cases of…

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